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Culture of The White Coffee - YUMA

Culture of The White Coffee

By October 29, 2019 November 19th, 2019 Culture, History

The rich and fragrant white coffee has been in Ipoh for more than half a century, becoming one of its specialty.

At the beginning of the last century, the Ipoh locals were not used to the bitterness of western-style coffee. Therefore, they have made some modifications to the coffee brewing method by adding an appropriate amount of milk and sugar, forming the “White Coffee”. Nowadays, white coffee has become a daily favourite coffee “go-to” drink for the Malaysians, and also became a “must-try” drink for domestic and foreign tourists to Ipoh. The instant white coffee has also become one of the best souvenir choices for family and friends.

High-quality coffee beans such as Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica are used to brew white coffee. White coffee is brewed with precise baking duration and temperature; this process will remove the sourness and bitterness of coffee and retain its long-lasting coffee aroma of Arabica, hints of sweetness by Robusta with additional of the elegant fragrance of Liberica.  Then, condensed milk is added to smoothen the coffee to get more a pleasant mouthfeel.

———— Referred to Old Town White Coffee Official Website


The White Coffee is first introduced at the Old-town of Ipoh, which now can be found at almost every café, coffee shops, hawkers centers at Ipoh. There are no specific standards for white coffee; therefore each brand has a unique designed recipe and brewing method, making each shop has its own taste of white coffee. Here are some of the most well-known vintage white coffee shops in Ipoh.

The Nam Heong Coffee Shop is the founding store of the famous international  brand Old Town White Coffee, founded by the third generation owner. Old Town White Coffee is the first to produce (3-in-1) instant white coffee in Malaysia, and also have more than 200 chain restaurants in Malaysia. The diners can now experience the traditional white coffee culture and enjoy a variety of Malaysian cuisine.

Founding shop of Old Town White Coffee — Nam Heong Coffee Shop has always retained its original scale and business model. Besides its rich and fragrant white coffee, their famous fresh and crispy egg tarts are also selling out fast. The coffee shop also offers a variety of Nanyang inspired Malaysian cuisine, such as the shredded chicken hor fun, toasts with half-boiled eggs, etc.

Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop was founded in 1937, is one of the oldest existing coffee shops in the old town of Ipoh. The coffee shop not only retained the decor of the old-fashioned coffee shop atmosphere but also maintained its brewing method. Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop has also been selected as the “Top 100  Traditional Coffee Shop in Malaysia” and also been selected to be included in the special edition of Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour Book.

The Chang Jiang White Coffee was founded in 1970 originated from Chang Jiang Coffee Shop. Although they have successfully launched their own instant white coffee, they also established Chang Jiang White Coffee Shop to maximize their customers’ coffee experience. The coffee shop has adopted the concept of nostalgic house design, preserving many vintage furniture as settings and decorations. The Chang Jiang White Coffee Shop also has different unique drinks such as hazelnut tea and a variety of homemade dishes, and sells Chang Jiang brand instant drinks, such as white coffee, lemon tea, chocolate drinks, etc. and can also be used as a souvenir or gifts from Ipoh.

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